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[FAN ART] Kanou Taisuke

hello :D

this is my first post here so please forgive me if I do something wrong xD
well.. I actually have nothing to say, it's just that I've been looking for the journal of this manga for a looong loong time and I finally found it xD

so I decided to post one of my old drawings, I was trying to copy Taisuke's pose in -I think- the 3rd chapter!
but it had lots of mistakes xD so I just fixed them and changed the post a little bit!
oh btw he was smiling in the original work but one of my friends suggested that I changed that too xD
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Anime CharaShees

I just found these on Y!auction. Those seem to be character sheet from the canceled Anime.
First time I see them and don't recall them being posted before, so here they are.

Click for bigger, it's still SD though.
Maybe someone want so buy them?

Jun. 18th, 2010

Very sad, apparently, the mangaka died in hospital two days ago. :( According to the source, he was writing even on his death bed. Rest in peace, good sir.

Erasureathon Sign-ups!


"Erasure poetry is made when the poet selects a written work, removes parts, and what is left is the poem. It’s an excavation, an unfolding, a division, a recreation, a transformation. Your final product can be radically different from your original source – in fact it is bound to. Its final form can look like anything you want it to."

An Erasureathon then, is a multi-fandom ficathon where you get to take another person's fanfiction story and make an erasure out of it. We'd love to have more people, and I personally would love to find out more about the writers in this fandom!

The only requirement is that you've written at least 2000 words in at least one fandom!

Come for the people, thoughts, and writing. It's bound to be a blast. Head over to the erasureathon journal to find out more; sign ups close this Monday.
First, this is my first post here so tell me if I made any mistake :) Mod, please delete it if it against the rules, okay..?

Well, maybe most of you already know but I post this one to make clear of everything. :)

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alive: the final evolution→14
kimi ni todoke←12
love dna xx→8
michiko to hatchin←9

here at dailydays!


Oni-Gokko [x9]
Laon [x6]
Alive: The Final Evolution [x2]


Icons here @ wearecocks!



Alive- The Final Evolution icons (29)
* Taisuke (1)
* Yuuta (3)
* "Rain"/Amamiya (8)
*Nami (3)
*D4 (4)
*Aoi (6)
*Nami (4)

more at my journal


Alive Bimonthly Challenge: Yura Takumi

Well hopefully  there is a more of an interest for this character.

Even though the specific weeks are over you can still post stuff!


Goddamn, one day I'll learn how to fakecut